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Are Eyes The Windows?
Are your eyes really the window to the soul?
If they are then what’s behind them?
I imagine a dark hallway with a light bulb swinging form the center, lighting only part of it.
Doors line the narrow walls and they seem almost alive in a way.
You opened the first door and you see a little girl.
She smiles at you and you smile back, waving slightly as she goes back to playing with the toys that scatter the floor.
She’s your innocence.
You leave.
Next door.
You open it and you see someone crying in the dark corner of the room, he looks up and you see that he has no eyes.
Just black pits that seem to go forever deep.
You stumble backwards but realize soon enough that he will not hurt you physically for he is your sadness, he holds your most painful memories.
You dare not stare into his eyes in fear of reliving the unspeakable.
You shut the door and shut it tight.
Next door.
You open and it and see a girl standing in the middle of the room, dressed head to toe in pure white clot
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The Boy Who Dosent Smile.5
Yusei was at his locker getting his stuff to leave when Jack came up.
“Hey love.”
Jack smiled at him. He was a little worried, every time he touched him, yusei would jump or tense looking frightened. He wanted to know about Yusei’s past, no one does that to themselves without good reason.
“Why do you cover them?”
“Cover what?”
Jack grabbed his arm and pulled his jacket sleeve up, cradling the thin arm and fragile wrist in his hands.
“Because there for me.”
“Can I ask why you did it?”
“Matching the outside to the inside.”
“No, I mean why? As in what caused you too.”
Yusei bit his lip and shook his head. He didn’t want to tell Jack about how messed up his life was. He didn’t want to tell him about how his dad killed his mom and sister or about the rapes and beatings that he would have to endure to protect his sister from harm. He didn’t want to tell him about how
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The Boy Who Dosent Smile.4
“No! You have to dress out!” Coach Ushio yelled.
Yusei was trying and failing to convince his new gym teacher to let him not dress out, but the man seemed to think that gym was completely essential for every living thing. ‘I probably have more athletic ability then him.’ Yusei thought angrily. People at his old school found out that he cut and it did not go well, he didn’t want people to know that he cut let alone that he tried to slit his own throat.
“Look Fudo, just because you’re the directors nephew doesn’t mean you’ll get any special treatment!”
“I’m not asking for special treatment, I’m asking to not have to dress out for personal reasons.”
“And what are these personal reasons?”
“I’m not saying them out loud.”
“Well then go change.”
Yusei narrowed his eyes and with a annoyed click of his tongue he went to find his new locker. Turns out it was right next to Jack and Crows.
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The Boy Who Dosent Smile.3
Yusei woke up as his alarm blared unholy by Kiss and yawned. He got up and changed into the first pair of skinny jeans his hands grabbed, he through on one of the many band t-shirts he owned and slipped on his doc martins. He did his hair, brushed his teeth and put on some eyeliner. After debating with himself for a little bit he put on a lip gloss that gave his lips a tinted black look. He grabbed his back pack and headed downstairs to see his uncles it wasn’t that yusei wasn’t happy to be with his uncles, he actually was. He remembered coming here for weekends would be the best times as a kid; they were pretty much his only good memories as a kid after his mom died. But he felt like he was being a bother to his uncles. It wasn’t always so bad with his dad, sometimes he would get through the day without being hit. He shook his head; he didn’t want to think of those times. He walked down the huge staircase and into the kitchen where his uncles were.
“Morning un
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The Boy Who Dosent Smile.2
Yusei walked into his house and was immediately tackled in a hug by one of his uncles, Rudger.
“Hi uncle Rudger.”
“Are you okay? Why didn’t you call us? We could have picked you up.”
“I didn’t want to bother you.” Yusei said looking at the ground.
Rudger sighed, took Yusei’s hand and led him over to the couch, while he went to grab a towel, fresh clothes and some bandages. After Yusei had dried off, he changed into some sweats. Rudger winced as he saw his nephew’s bandaged wrist’s and emaciated body, every rib jabbing out of his skin and his bandages were stained slightly red. The sweat’s pooled around Yusei making him look even smaller than he was. He pushed Yusei to sit down on the couch and proceeded to unwrap his wrists. Rudger hated that Yusei had done this to himself, but he couldn’t really blame him with what he had been subjected to for almost ten years. The cuts were angry red and slightly bleeding, he slightly t
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The Boy Who Dosent Smile
Yusei Fudo is the new boy in Jack Atlas high school class. Jack is automatically drawn to the blue eyed boy who doesn’t smile. Jack wants to bring that smile back. But Yusei’s been through too many things for that to be an easy trip. Can Jack bring back the smile and light to the boy with scars on his arms? Or is Yusei already consumed by the darkness he’s come to know as life.
Jack sat at his table, putting on that heartbreaking smile as all the girls worshipped him and all the guys either stared wishing they could be like him or glared thinking about how unfair it was for Jack to get all attention form the girls. Jack was captain of the football team, got okay grades, had a rich family and was super popular, every high school guys dream and he was living it. Jack didn’t have a girlfriend though, everyone thought he was going to ask the cheerleading captain, Carly, out but he had
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Yusei groaned as he leaned over the toilet, he was panting and crying, his stomach heaved with labor as he tried to catch his breath. He was trying to be quiet; he didn’t want to wake Jack or Jack’s house keeper. He had been staying at Jack’s condo since they had made up and were once again dating. But he wasn’t quiet enough. He felt Jack’s warm, big hands on his shoulders and patting his back, whispering sweet nothing’s into his ears. Finally the gagging stopped, but he was still crying from the pain his stomach and the pounding in his head.
“Mina!” Jack yelled
Mina came rushing in but gasped at the sight. She liked Yusei or Mr. Fudo as she always called him, and hated seeing him hurt or in this case sick. His tan skin was a sickly pale accept for the red heat blush on his face, his hair lacked its usual gravity-defying nature, and his eyes held none of the will and determination they usual held, just tears.
“Love, can you walk?”
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Vampire Mates 3
A shadowy figure lurked in the hall; it was a see-through blackish grey and shaped as a man. It fazed through the wall of Yami’s room and looked at Yugi, tilting his head at the multicolor haired boy. Yugi squirmed in his sleep as if sensing the shadows eyeless stare. Going through the wall by the bed it stepped into Jesse’s, it was about to touch Jaden but he rolled over. The shadow shrunk to the floor, no longer a man but a puddle of black on the floor, but Jaden did not wake up. It walked into Jacks room and looked at yusei before stroking his cheek softly making sure not to wake him. Changing into a ball of black shadow it whipped out the house deep into the forest into a dark cave. It morphed into a man and kneeled in front of a horrible looking man. He had black greasy hair, with pale skin and green eyes that would have been beautiful if not for the raw loathing and fury dulling them.
“What did you find my shadow ling?”
The shadow moved over to him, swirling a
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Vampire Mates 2
The striking ukes squealed as they were lifted into the air, all gripping onto the shirts of the vampires holding them tightly to their chests. I f Jesses was human he would have been knocked out by the force of which Jaden was holding him around his neck. Yugi was hyperventilating, while Yami tried to get him to calm down, and Yusei was hiding his face in Jacks neck whispering to himself not to look down. Soon Blood Manor (A/N: If any of you are BOTDF fans you will get this XD) came into sight.
The three boys looked down and gasped at the beauty of the almost castle like structure. It was a huge grey almost black house made from bricks, there were old sculptures in the yard, fines and leaves growing on them, and a working fountain in the middle of the pathway. It looked straight out of a medieval history book. The vampires landed gracefully on the cobble stone pathway leading to the big coal doors. The doors opened and three young girls waited for them in a line, Car
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Vampire Mates
Vampire Mates
On a freezing cold night, at about eleven o’clock, three beautiful young men walked down the sidewalk, trying to get home. One was named Jaden, he had rich brown that matched his big brown doe eyes, fair skin that was pale but had a light tan glow to it, and a beautiful smile that was always on his face. Next to him was Yugi, he had very strange hair but it fit him perfectly. Blond, black and red tipped hair and bangs framed his face making his violet eyes stand out, pale skin that could match show whites and was very small which made him adorable. Last was Yusei, his midnight hair with golden streaks framed his face, blue eyes that you could get lost in, golden skin, and slightly famine body he was beautiful. They all were. So you can imagine how dangerous it would be for such gorgeous boys to be walking home in the middle of the night.
“Guys we should move faster.”
“Yeah if we don’t get home soon we’re going to get sick.”
Yusei just no
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